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Before the groom

  • Please bring your pet on a lead & take your pet for a short walk and toilet prior to arriving.


  • Please inform us of any injuries, skin conditions, fleas, worms or other parasites your pet may have at the time. If fleas are spotted during the bath we automatically apply flea rinse at additional $5 to ensure the salon is parasite free for all our clients.


  • Please make sure your pets vaccinations are up to date. If not please advise to prevent contamination.


  • Please arrive at the time allocated or if possible, advise us if running late. It will give us a chance to make a quick cuppa!


  • Please advise us of any behavioural  issues with your pet at the time of booking so we can accommodate by allocating more time if necessary. 


  • We understand that the grooming salon can be a scary place for even the most placid of dogs and it never surprises us if we see unexpected signs of aggression or anxiety. For this reason we reserve the right to stop the session at any time as continuing the session would cause more stress and possible danger to both the groomer and the dog. Costs still apply. Half price of groom if session is ceased under 30 mins. Full price if ceased any time thereafter.


  • If you are unable to attend your appointment, please notify us asap so we may allocate the session to another client. Unfortunately, any appointments cancelled on the day of scheduled appointment will incur a surcharge of $35 for small & medium dogs and $45 for large dogs.


  • New clients who wish to book 2 dogs or more in for a session will require a 50% deposit to secure booking.

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Before the Groom

During the groom

Dogs are groomed one at a time and approximate turnaround is 1-2.5 hours (time will be given at drop off).


Existing skin conditions can be exposed with de-matting and clipping of your pet and we will always bring to your attention our findings and recommend appropriate follow-up care.

The price can change at any time at groomers discretion based on condition of coat, fleas present, dog behaviour.

We will contact you for confirmation if the addition cost is more than $30 from quote given.


Sharp scissors, clippers and your pet jumping around can cause unexpected injury to both groomer & your pet. There is always a rare chance of cutting your pet’s skin, and with de-matting, a higher chance. We will take the most tender care but all cost associated with Veterinary attention are your responsibility if such injuries are due to your pets moving or, if the coat or skin condition are at fault. We will always admit if we are at fault, accidents can happen to us all and we believe Honesty is the Best Policy.


We will contact you approximately 10 minutes before your pet is ready to go home and respectfully ask you don’t arrive early as this will only cause anxiety - your pet will only want to be with you. We also scissor the face last, which is difficult to do when your pup is excited.

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During the Groom

After the groom

We love to share pictures of our clients on our website and social media.

If your pet is camera shy, please advise us and we won’t upload a snap.


Please advise us immediately if there is any problems or dis-satisfaction with the groom

so we can try to rectify and offer our apologies.


Please arrange for your pet to be collected within 30 minutes of notification.

This is to ensure minimum anxiety and disruption to all clients. Although your dog may not be very talkative while waiting to go home, others may be quiet vocal.

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After the Groom

Our Policies

Please read through our House Rules and Policies before booking to avoid any disappointments.

Cancellation Fees
We understand that circumstances can change so please advise us as soon as possible if you need to change your booking or make a cancellation. Please note that cancellations of less than 24 hours will attract a re-booking fee. 
Full Grooming
Mini Groom
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