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Full Groom / Clip

•  Pre Clip/Preparation (removal of any knots and matts prior to bath   •  Ears plucked and cleaned   •  Wash and Blow Dry

•  Finishing Clip & scissor work, nails clipped (smooth filing not incl)   •  Spritz of cologne which also helps to protect coat.

•  Optional ribbon or bandana.

Mini Grooms & Tidy Ups

•  Warm Hydro Bath and mini blow dry   •  Fringe trim and face tidy, paw pads cleared of fur

•  Hygiene areas trimmed   •  Ears cleaned & plucked, Nails clipped   •  Spritz of cologne coat protector

Ideal for those clients who don’t want/require any length clipped off

the coat but other other hairy areas need trimming.

Mini groom and tidy ups. 

$45 - $75

Examples of breeds & pricing


Ruff guide to pricing as it can be difficult to confirm without knowing coat condition & other effecting factors. 





$75 - $90


Maltese Shizu, Cavoodle, Cavilliar, Cocker Spaniel, Cairn Terrier, Lhasa Apso,  Mini Schnauzer, Maltese

Mini poodle, Spoodles, West Highland Terrier


Large $90- $150+ up to 25kgs

Border Collie, Groodle, Labradoodle, Shetland Collie, Springer Spaniel,

Schnauzer, Standard Poodle


*** PLEASE NOTE *** 

This may take 2-2.5 hours coat depending. Drying time of the coat alone can be 45 minutes and patience may be wearing thin for some dogs. For this reason we may suggest the session be divided up over 2 days . Come in mid afternoon for the bath and dry and return the following morning to complete the groom.***

*** PLEASE NOTE *** 

Prices given as estimates only. Upon sight consultation of your dogs coat and temperament, we can provide a more accurate price and suggest which service is best for your dogs coat condition at that time. 


Please see our Policies to avoid disappointment and misunderstandings 


Regular bathing of your dog not only helps keep them smelling fresh,

it will help prevent knots and keep itchy skin conditions at bay. 


Select from our range of naturally based products to suit your dogs coat condition

and we will provide a gentle, high pressured, fresh warm water bath,

head massage, ear cleaning, short blow dry, comb/ brush and finish with a little coat protecting conditioner spray.



$15 teenie tiny

$25 small cute & fluffy

$30 medium mutts 

$40 Large Long Haired Larrikans

Essential Dog Natural Dog Shampoo  - Ideal for Sensitive Itchy Skin  $5


High velocity Blow Dry

A wet dog is more susceptible to skin problems, matting, and other health issues, so drying a dog thoroughly after a hydrobath is an important part of the grooming process. Italso reduces shedding by up to 80%! 

Single Services

$15  Fringe Trim

$15  Blow Dry (10 mins)

$15  Nail Clip or Polish 

$20 Poodle Feet or Pom Poms 

$30+  Colour Tint on either Paws, Ears or Tail. Added to the prices of Wash & Blow Dry. 

**** PLEASE NOTE*** 

We are strongly opposed to animal cruelty, therefore we do not de-matt in cases where the knots in the coat are so bad that it would cause pain and suffering, possible risk of injury or undue distress to the dog.

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